House Rules

1: No Drama

2: Do not argue with staff/ops

3: Any questions please direct them to staff/ops

4: PC’s MUST be Approved before they can be brought into play in any of the IC channels

5: NO taking OOC ICly or taking IC OOC (meta gaming)

6: Have FUN!

Welcome to Derbyshire, England! The year is 1397.  Population of humans approximately 6000 in the entire region after 80% of the population is wiped out due to plague. (see below)


Richard II is king.

At the onset of Richard's accession (he was 10), and then for much of his reign, England faced various problems, which included the ongoing war against France (which was not going well for the English), border conflicts with Scotland, and economic difficulties related to the Black Death. A major challenge of the now 14 year old king was the Peasants' Revolt in 1381, and the young king played a central part in the successful suppression of this crisis. In the following years, however, the king's dependence on a small number of courtiers caused discontent among the influential, and in 1387 control of government was taken over by a group of aristocrats known as the Lords Appellant. By 1389 Richard had regained control, and for the next eight years governed in relative harmony with his former opponents. In 1397, Richard took his revenge on the appellants, many of whom were executed or exiled. The next two years have been described by historians as Richard's "tyranny".

The black plague

The plague has wiped out 60% of the population between 1348-1349. In 1361–62 the plague returned to England, this time causing the death of around 20% of the population. There are still cases showing up here and there but are being contained and dealt with efficiently. (The plague will not return until the 1600s.) There was a halt to the campaigns of the Hundred Years' War. In the long term, the decrease in population caused a shortage of labour, with subsequent rise in wages, resisted by the landowners, which caused deep resentment among the lower classes. The Peasants' Revolt of 1381 was largely a result of this resentment, and even though the rebellion was suppressed, in the long term serfdom was ended in England.​

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